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Thanks for taking time to chat, I always love to talk music!

What have been your greatest achievements in 2019?

I think perhaps the best thing about this year is that I am finally mostly recovered from a complete shoulder replacement. This was an unexpected curve in the road and started giving me problems in January of 2018.

It then took me until around May or June of 2018 to figure out the problem and find a doctor I felt comfortable with doing the surgery as I am a blind brain tumor survivor with a complicated medical history. Once I finally got my ducks in a row to do the surgery, I had to put it off a few months, until October 29th to be exact, so that I could wind up my work commitments. Now it is November of 2019 and my right shoulder, the one I had replaced, is almost as good as my left and I am basically pain free.

I am also thrilled with my touring this year behind my album “In The Shadow Of The Sun” all over North America including NYC, NJ, DC, GA, SC, NC, TN, CA, MI and more.

I also quite unexpectedly got the chance to do a Christmas EP “A Santa That Plays Guitar” that I released on 10/31. It is getting rave reviews and radio play and was just so much fun to record!

Where are you headed for 2020?

2020 promises to be an eventful year!

I have a lot of things I am working on and still working out the details, but what I can say for sure is that the Progressive Americana Trio is looking forward to performing at the legendary Whisky A Go Go on January 3rd. I am also excited to be showcasing during GRAMMY week at the Soiree on January 24 and we will be breaking ground on my new studio complex at some point in early 2020.

Please tell us about your latest single musical releases.

This year we have been really hitting it hard touring behind the “In The Shadow Of The Sun” album recorded in part at the famous Sun studio in Memphis, TN. It is the same studio where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and many other greats got their start and made some hit records.

This album captured the sound of my trio with myself on guitar and vocal, Nester Jaenz on bass and backing vocals and Charles Arnold on drums  and percussion. The record has such a cool vibe I decided to release an album of mine on vinyl for the very first time and it was everything I hoped it would be!

We have played some great shows this year including Coney Island Baby in NYC. In fact, we performed there on a Saturday night and the next night Jack White’s band the Raconteurs did their offical release party for their 2019 album. We also got to perform at Roxy and Duke’s Road House in NJ and i played solo at a couple of venues including The Elbo Room Chicago, Liquid Note in Detroit, Dinosaur BBQ NYC, and The Mint In LA.

You can still get CD’s and Vinyl copies of the album, but we are out of download cards and won’t be re-ordering those, though you can still find the music on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

My Christmas EP “A Santa That Plays Guitar” is also available at the usual digital outlets along with being available at shows and from my website

Here is a landing page for the Christmas EP:

How do we get tickets to your Whisky show?

Contact BSQuared Management

Where can we follow you on line?





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