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 Hey Kendra! Thank you for your time today! You have a new single coming out called Silent Sleeper. What kind of insight can you give us?

Thanks for inviting me to interview! I am really looking forward to the release of this single on February 6. It marks a new era in my career, as it is being distributed by The Orchard (Sony Music Group). “Silent Sleeper” is a song of passion, functioning to awaken and inspire kindness within. It’s me holding a hand out to you — to help you on the bus. The bus to further discovery and accomplishment.

What would you say is the vibe of Silent Sleeper? Did you write it?

The vibe is an atmospheric dream — the moment where you look around and say to yourself, “Oh my gosh! I’m asleep!” Followed by my vocals, gently coaxing you to “Wake! Wake up!” The feeling is ambient, relaxed, and ready to run. I definitely wrote it. I write all my songs.

Do you hope listeners take anything away after hearing the new song?

I intend for listeners to feel comforted… for listeners to feel that their aspirations are in-sight, in-reach, angelic, and supported. There’s a reason your heart sings about the things it does. When we listen keenly, the reason for our own existence opens up to lead us the way.

What do you prefer more getting to perform live or the creative process and being in the studio making new music?

Both. Performing live is transcendental. I feel like I am floating above the stage and my hands on the guitar or mic is the only thing keeping me weighted. In the studio and when I am writing… it, too, is magicKal. It’s that same feeling, and the music is keeping me grounded. Giving life to the words in my head. A big part of my message is founded on the shared experience of reality which is felt when we come together in concert.

Anything else you would like to share?
A quote by jazz musician, Ornette Coleman, that was recently on It says, “Improvisation is the only art form in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time. It is the hidden things, the subconscious that lets you know you feel this, you play this.” This resonates with me, as I am an actress, musician, writer, and intuitive healer. Improv shows us where the mental and spiritual plane are meeting in the moment, in that sliver of light.

Now tell us where we can catch all of your new music and where fans can connect with you!

Peace! You can pre-save my single, “Silent Sleeper” to a playlist or your library here []. The song drops on Thursday, February 6. I have a bunch of upcoming tour dates from Portland to Denver, Pennsylvania, NorCal, and Texas. Peek at my show schedule here [].
You can follow me on IG: @Kenbunny []. Links to stream all my music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc. [].


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