8rooklyn 8atman (featuring Dre DaMost) “Chitty Bang”


There’s a textural presence to the bassline in “Chitty Bang,” the new single from 8rooklyn 8atman (featuring Dre DaMost) that grabs our attention right from the start and doesn’t let go for the duration of the song, but as alluring a component as this is, it’s not the only reason to play this track right now. Surprisingly minimalistic for the ambitiousness of the lyrical design in “Chitty Bang,” the instrumental elements comprising the backdrop here are indeed captivating, but they’re not the main focus in this release at all. 8rooklyn 8atman is about way more than club grooves and cryptic lyrics, and in this song, he proves his credibility to critics worldwide.

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The interplay between the vocal and the bass is incredibly expressive, but there’s never any question as to who the true star of this show is. 8rooklyn 8atman is consistently the fieriest component of any given beat – his voice drives the groove home as much as any bass or drum part ever could, and by making his furious execution the main attention-getter in the mix, he circumvents a lot of issues otherwise associated with pop-rap. He doesn’t need a wall of noise to hide behind; he’s talented enough to go barebones, and that’s obvious in “Chitty Bang.”

Though his vocal isn’t very melodic, 8rooklyn 8atman’s rapping style isn’t as black and white in tone as some of his peers’ has been in recent years. There isn’t a lack of color to his delivery at all; on the contrary, he’s injecting every word here with a sense of moodiness via construction of the mood through an evenhanded lyrical dispensing. I’m surprised he’s as fresh on the scene as he is – had you told me differently, I would have believed he was a veteran of the recording process.

As much as I look a scooped percussive element in tracks like this one, there’s nothing industrialized about the groove in “Chitty Bang.” Instead, 8rooklyn 8atman and Dre da Most favor an unfiltered, old school mix tape-style finish for the beat in this song, and I for one think the track wears the look quite well. There’s nothing wrong with rejecting the trend when it benefits the unique qualities of a single, and that’s exactly why I think this artist was wise to stay away from the complacent, predictable techniques that have made some of the other content out right now blend in with the crowd.

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You don’t have to be a hardcore rap fan to like what 8rooklyn 8atman is cooking up in “Chitty Bang,” but for those who follow the underground side of the genre with any level of intentness, this is a single that you absolutely want to hear. I like where he’s headed and what this song says about his artistry overall, and though it’s been a hit and miss year for some of the other players coming out of his scene, his is a solid standard that I would like to see some of his nemeses try and live up to.

Levi Colston

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