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Darius Slaughter, who is the author of an Amazon best-seller “Hostile: An Urban Tragedy,” has launched the Beauty and Brains challenge on Instagram and Facebook. He is also challenging female Greeks to step up to the challenge and make a profound impact in the world. The purpose of this challenge is not only to bring more awareness to illiteracy but also to enhance proficiency in reading. 

In this ongoing challenge, he is aiming specifically at women. He iterates the fact that many people in America cannot read. As part of the challenge, he will have the participants read out oud, post, and tag him. He will send out promo gear to everyone who participates, posts, and tags. 

Over 30 million Americans cannot read or write past a third-grade level. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, children whose parents have low literacy levels have a 72 percent chance of being at the lowest reading levels themselves. They have an increased chance of getting poor grades, missing school, repeat their grade levels, or even drop out. Darius wants to help change this by promoting literacy. 


Darius Slaughter is the author of Hostile: An Urban Tragedy, book one in the Hostile Series. A National Merit Scholar in journalism, Slaughter was challenged by his life of juggling college, two jobs, and parental issues. HOSTILE is the true account of overcoming life’s adversity in relationships, loss, and tragedy. Slaughter’s talents, brains, and will to survive eventually led him to success and opportunity. However, “the path less traveled” came at a price and caused him to gamble with his life in his quest for Money, Power, and Respect. Far from the fairy tale ride painted by some who seek to glorify the streets, readers are warned to beware of the reality and emotions of his journey. Situations become supremely personal and intimate as Slaughter bares his soul to the world.

Darius Slaughter is a Houston, TX native who started writing while he was in elementary school. At an early age, he won short story contests and poetry contests. When he was in high school, he won state in journalism. Some of his favorite authors are Malcolm X and Isaac Asimov. Writing has always been his passion and was something that came naturally to him. Darius and his service dog, Doom, work to empower young minds by refocusing them on literacy, critical thinking, and discernment.

Connect with Darius:


IG: @hostilebook

Facebook: @hostilebook 

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