Celebrity Sightings – Happy Holidays! Kadrolsha Ona Carole, Jennifer Garner, Donnie Wahlberg, Jeremy Renner, Jimmy Star and more…..

“The Most Beautiful Women in The World” Kadrolsha Ona Carole “Queen of the Paranormal”(R). KO lights up the world with her positive energy. She is a beautiful human being mask or no mask. Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Garner putting on her mask while out shopping in LA. Enjoy your Holiday!

Jeremy Renner on the set of Hawkeye TV Series with Superheroes in NYC. The Holidays are here!

Eileen Shapiro know as the Celebrity Rock Star Journalist gives us a huge smile while out on Holiday errands.

Robert and Terri Irwan. Robert Celebrated his 17th birthday at the Australia Zoo. Double the presents with the Holidays approaching.

Donnie Wahlberg points at photographers on the set of CBS “Blue Bloods” In NYC. Enjoy the Holidays!

Jimy Star and Ron Russell bring the stars together with their highly successful TV Series “The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell”. Viewership in the million. Happy Holidays from LA!

Joan Collins cutting the Burlington Arcade Christmas Lights in the UK. Joan is known for her glamor and style. Never mind being an outright superstar of the film industry. Many more Happy Holidays!

Emma Roberts looking as beautiful as ever with child for this Holiday season. She was spotted running errands in LA.

Yara Shahidi poses before her appearance on CNN Heroes in West Hollywood. Happy Holidays!

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