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Avni Vir Vineet is a trio, based out of India, that comprises of 14 year old twins, and their father. On their third single, “Can I Go Now,” they tackle issues, such as the mundane day to day existence of teens, who yearn to resume the comfort of their social lives. Their previous two releases have charted well, and accrued almost a quarter of a million streams. Avni and Vir, respectively, are twins, and Vineet is the patriarch of the family. Avni and Vir provide the vocals for the track, as Vineet acted as producer.

Groups consisting of family members, have done quite well in previous eras. The Bee Gees, The Jacksons, and The Osmonds, just to name a few, all enjoyed great success, until one or more members struck out for a solo career. The bond that is required to be in a group, is often quite underestimated, so the familial roots can strengthen the ties. Avni and Vir are getting an Ivy League level education in the industry, under the tutelage of their father, who is a seasoned musician, himself. He intends to show them the work ethic and sacrifice it requires to succeed in such a fickle and uncertain endeavor. 

“Can I Go Now,” sounds like it could be the opening track on a KidzBop compilation. Of course, that is exactly what AVV is going for. They sing and write about what they know; being kids. In fact, it only succeeds in making them seem more credible. America’s alleged obsession with youth cannot eschew an act like AVV, because they are exactly what they present themselves to be. 

The mix on “Can I Go Now” is pleasant. The actual music plays a supporting role to the vocals by Avni, with backup by Vir. This is teen pop at its most minimalistic, and it doesn’t need to be anything more. The twins’ probity shines through their vocal delivery, and if you’re their contemporary, you probably feel as if you’re being addressed directly. All in all, there are no holes in AVV’S game, from a production standpoint.

There is an accompanying video for “Can I Go Now,” which can be found on YouTube. It’s amusing, lighthearted fare, that appears to be teens from across the globe, in various spirits. Part of the video plays out like “Step Up,” and the other, like Radiohead. Jr. Nonetheless, it accommodates the song, perfectly. In fact, the video is one of the most optimal ways to enjoy the song, because it does much to establish who AVV are. 

Vineet must be proud of his daughter & son, as they have put their best foot forward on “Can I Go Now.” It’s rare and refreshing to hear something that doesn’t have an agenda, in 2021. Ironically enough, there’s a sense of nostalgia that AVV evokes. It can either remind you of your own youth, or a time when innocence was seemingly protected, rather than manufactured and/or exploited. AVV is eager to get going, and the soundtrack to their journey, has the potential to be outstanding. 

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