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The brother duo out of Orange County, NY, known as Conceptz, is back with a new single, “Drippin And Drownin.” Established in 2012, Conceptz has already amassed a resume that would make most artists envious by comparison. Having played their first show at the after party of a major awards ceremony, to having their music used by the NFL, NBA, and MLB, Conceptz is not at a loss to boast. And boasting is something they do well, as you will hear on “Drippin And Drownin,” and all of their music, for that matter. Putting themselves over, has become something of a signature for Conceptz.


As the music industry becomes more and more driven by streaming, you see artists preferring to release singles, as opposed to the traditional album. In Conceptz case, they have existed for 9 years, without releasing either an EP or Full Length LP. It’s hard to argue their strategy, as it’s proven to be legitimately successful. Their trajectory has been cultivated, by allowing their fans to focus on an individual release, as opposed to several tracks, simultaneously. It’s also likely allowed them to concentrate on the quality of a song, without the added stress of a heavier workload.

“Drippin And Drownin,” fittingly opens with the sound effect of a dripping faucet and subsequent splashing. More interestingly, though, the opening has something of a Central European feel, with what can only be described as a theremin. The chorus kicks things off, lyrically, until HighRowGlyphFix, launches into his inhuman delivery of around 70 syllables per second. HighRowGlyphFix, handles the mic duties for Conceptz, as his brother, Short Fuze, takes care of the production/composing/mixing. The former has to be considered one of the best rappers in the game at this point.

Conceptz is actually self-described as Trap, and then Hip Hop as a secondary genre. Trap is certainly represented, but if you’re going to describe Conceptz to someone who has never heard them, Hip Hop is a more suitable categorization. There is a hypnotic element to what they do, and that is never more apparent than on “Drippin And Drownin.” You’ll want to listen to the song, again and again, if for no other reason than to hear the theremin like effect. This is where Short Fuze, really shines, in the fine touches that make the piece feel more personalized. 

The kid is Drippin like an icicle/impossible/it’s cyclical/unstoppable.

If you check out Conceptz YouTube channel, you’ll see that they always add an accapella version of their songs. I strongly encourage you to check these out, as it proves just how impressive HighRowGlyphFix, skills are. His dexterity is exclusive to a rare few in the entire history of the genre. It will be an injustice if his name isn’t one day mentioned in the same breath as some of the all-time greats.

You really reach to find something critical to say in these reviews, as to not gush all over something. Conceptz does not make that easy, though. Though not perfect, their music; the performances and the production, are extremely short on flaws. They are hyper focused, and clearly intent on world domination. It’s going to be interesting to see exactly what context we are discussing Conceptz in, a year from now.

Levi Colston

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