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What seems the most pivotal when it comes to an artist’s career?

What an interesting and great question!  I guess if you stand still that can really mean the end of a career. Continuing to move and keep moving is pivotal to be relevant, interesting and show you will always strive to be better than you were the day before.  In many ways, songwriters and singers are like painters or sculpturists, our fans demand ‘what is coming next.’ 

What has been the most pivotal moment in your career?

I have had a few.  The first, completely my first album (Contradictions).  The second, hitting the Top 40 AC charts.  The third, singing the National Anthem for the NFL.  Fourth, hitting Billboard’s Top 20 and last, but not least, completing my first full length animated feature film.  In each of these moments, I saw them as stepping stones that led me to the next challenge.  If, as an artist, you do not have these challenges, how can you grow?

Talking about pivotal moments, new music is almost here! That’s always thrilling! Can you chat with us about it?

Of course!  I just released my newest creation (Don’t Give Me No).  My dancer friends helped me with this seductive music video (https://youtu.be/2-oIInw3WB4) which was so fun to shoot with them.  We all share an aerial dancing passion, so putting us altogether in one room always brings out laughter and a lot of admiration for one another.  These women are amazing and constantly fill me with joy.

How are you making time for yourself with your busy schedule?

Oh, believe me, I have been lately!  Probably too much!  I have my next screenplay to write, and I have only just begun.  But, I am determined to get it done before summer ends.  I am a beach monster, and love to be on my paddle board. Summers in Miami Beach are the best for warm ocean waters and riding the waves. 

How are you keeping focused when there is so much to do!

Summer is sooo hard for me to focus.  I love to be on the water and I have a lot of friends that are such a treat to spend time with.  We are pretty spoiled in the South Florida area with our bright blue skies, clear waters and amazing seafood.  Going south to the Keys is also one of my favorite escapes.  It’s like the world stands still when you go down south.  A true break from the normal.

What is a dream of yours that you one day want to attain?

Well, I guess, I would love a Grammy and an Oscar . (But don’t we all?!)

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