Ajay Mathur Releases “Real”


Ajay Mathur pulls you out of the world of social media and into reality with his sunny new single “Real.” Mathur is a Swiss artist with Indian roots, known for never fitting into one specific genre. Mathur’s childlike desire to explore and experiment musically is what makes his music to unique and refreshing to listen to. He often blends classic sounds with contemporary musical styles, making music that will last a lifetime. Talking Loud is the grammy nominated singer/songwriters fifth studio album with “Real” serving as the leading single. “Real” is a perfect example of Mathur’s artistry, its upbeat and beachy yet deep and existential. These themes come together against a bright melody that has me dreaming of summer. Mathur vocals ooze with self confidence and charisma. “Real” is here to make you remember who you are and to revel in the joys of life.

“Real” is discreet in its questioning of who we are outside of social media. In fact Mathur offers people a new outlook on life outside of curated lifestyles and perfectly composed pictures. His lyrics never call out a group or focus on the damaging aspects of what we see online. Instead he focuses on the things you can’t experience on social media. “You can feel my hands are warm/You can talk to me,” concisely sums up the genius of “Real.” Mathur asks people to rethink their outlook on reality by remembering the positives of it. The magical opportunities of connection and human interaction that you can’t get unless you’re spending time with someone. While it can be both exhilarating and nerve-racking to see a persons pores, depending on the situation, it is reminder that we’re really alive. Spending time with others, talking to people, getting to know them is often confronting and for lack of a better word, real. There is no hiding and while that can be scary Mathur reminds you that it is also divine.

While the lyrics of “Real” are short and sweet they still pack their existential punch because of Mathur’s performance. His vocals feel objective and comfortable, like he’s making an rhetorical observation that ends in the question, “are you real?” There is something inviting and warm about Mathur’s vocals that really allows the message of “Real” to sink in. Mathur has that same musical countenance that Tom Petty had, that natural air of confidence and self-understanding. He knows exactly what he’s doing on “Real” which is why no note or melody feels out of place. There is a remarkable sense of refinement that you can hear as the song goes on. The more I tried to put “Real” into a specific genre the less I was able to, which is sign of Mathur’s genius. Its a bit of Americana, a bit of Rock, with hints of Pop sprinkled in. I think its whatever Mathur wants it to be.

Mathur compliments the message of “Real” and his breezy voice with one of the most joyous melodies I’ve heard in a long time. Its sun-soaked spirit is contagious, making “Real” intoxicating to listen to. “Real” never ceases to bring you joy, the more you listen to it the better you feel. That upbeat melody is what makes “Real” so successful in its message, you want to listen to it and because you want to, you listen. It also makes you feel the beauty of the real world and what it has to offer. While it lends itself to driving with your windows down, it also feeds the part of us that asks those deep questions. Having the production sound so sure of itself makes you trust Mathur and feel comforted by his observations. It is the best of feel-good music with the added depth of topical commentary.

Ajay Mathur has a hit on his hands with “Real,” its an instant classic that will make you hungry for what else Mathur has in his repertoire. I am so curious to see what direction he took on Talking Loud. “Real” is an exciting single that reminds listeners of the stuff in life you can’t get anywhere else but in person. While he has you questions your priorities “Real” never feels like its criticizing or judging you, its just wondering if you’re real. Do yourself a favor and feel good while you think about who are. Listen to “Real” now!

Cleopatra Patel

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