“Flame Of Truth” from Chalice Collective


Playing out like a video game with layers upon layers, new sounds around the corner – the new song “Flame Of Truth” from Chalice Collective is an enigmatic, sonic masterpiece. Varying from electronica pop to vocals that switch between spoken word to rock-fueled releases, “Flame Of Truth” embodies an almost hypnotic beacon. Highlighted by lyrics that invoke the rising of the Phoenix, and beckon the listener to continue the audio journey down a winding path, Portland’s Chalice Collective provides more than ample opportunities for the listener to relish in this wildly entertaining track. 

What I found most intriguing about this song is the actual ebb and flow between light and rhythms. Capturing a vibe that would thrill gamers and sorcerers alike, the magic of this song is the depth and the coloring. It’s bold and really dives into a deep sense of aura and all-around fluttering of beats and drilling sounds. The tones are fantastic. I really wanted to keep listening because around every corner there was something new to experience. If this were a book, the chapters would go from chill, to thrill, to dramatic heights and finally back to a warm, settled space. Perhaps it’s the manifestation of the Phoenix rising from the flames that as listeners we get that heated exchange, that percolating sensations. I loved the temperature that “Flame Of Truth” accelerates towards. 

Interwoven into the soundscape is a mystical-like rhythm. It’s not quite a mantra, but the more you listen to it, the more you become pulled by its power. And maybe that’s the gist of this song – the power of it all. As a listener, I felt like in many ways the energy encompassing me and surrounding me with both strength and guidance. I felt both the urge to dance and the notion to keep still and let the blinding lights come at me. Our time is now, it’s why we came, sings an enthusiastic voice. I loved that line because it can be applied to many different scenarios. Sports. Love. Politics. Life. This song really makes you want to seize the moment and reflect upon your own challenges and how to overcome those with your own hutzpah, your own moxie. It all melts together in this glorious and uniquely invigorating hybrid. 

I think the electronica fans, and the pop fans alike will dig “Flame Of Truth”. I also think the New Age fans will really embrace the messaging. You feel like you’re part of a community listening to this song – like folks have your back. Maybe it’s the word ‘collective’ that had me down that trail but thinking back now that I’ve listened to it a few times, “Flame Of Truth” has this worldly appeal. It’s universal. Wherever your soul and your mind want to take you to, that flame that guides us is very different. I think this song really brings to mind the idea that all voices are welcomed, all viewpoints are valid. “Flame Of Truth” is an exceptional track and well worth the journey. 

Levi Colston

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