Fâtima Camacho  “The Slippery Knot” 

Fâtima Camacho  is a rising Argentinian actress who followed her dream to Hollywood. 

She has already worked on several short films as well as commercials and music videos. She was featured in a role in the movie “Candy Flip” produced by David Lipper, and then the new Johnny Knoxville film “Sweet Dreams.” “Embrace” another short film that she has a role in will be making the festival circuit shortly. “Re/Vision” is a film where she portrays a time traveler in the future apocalyptic film. Most recently he is in pre-production for the short film “Abysmal Thoughts” a film about how humans seek acceptance from others, as opposed to being themselves.

Currently she is working on a new original play called “Slippery Knot” which will be presented at the Whitmore Theater in Hollywood. This project excites her as she loves doing original plays. Fátima also enjoys comedy and hopes to someday be on Saturday Night Live. 

You are in the midst of a new play. What is the name of it and what is the premise of it?

The name of the play is “The Slippery Knot” and it is an absurdist Dickensian dark comedy about an orphan boy named Speedy who must escape from the school of demeaning boys. The opportunity arrives to him when Mrs. Stabbins Traveling Circus visits the school and Speedy tries to escape with some people from the circus who have also been mistreated. But since Lord Mopnsune, who is the head of the school, has never lost a student, and who is also on to them, he looks to find Speedy and make him return to the school. 

What role do you portray?

I actually play two different characters in the play. In the first act I portray Pip, who is one of the demeaning boys who has a huge grudge against Speedy. The second role I play is that of Maurie, who is the doctor’s assistant and since I don’t want to spoil the story, I will just say that she is a lot of fun, a remarkable character to play. 

Who is the writer and the Director of the play?

The writer of the play is David Dickens and it is being directed by Brandon Sleezak. 

What are some of the challenges you had with the role?

I think that the biggest challenge with my role playing Pip is internalizing the masculinity in myself, to adopt a certain way of walking and talking so I appear to be a little boy, and being comfortable in that role. As for the doctor’s assistant I am using a Latin accent that took some time to polish, and then it was easy to become the character. Playing this character allows me to make fun of myself, and I really enjoy that. 

Why was this play appealing to you?

I think that the most appealing thing about the play for me is that it is a magical and funny story with a lot of great characters and lots of things happening all the time. The dynamic of the story is a lot of fun to play along with. It is a fun and emotional story for me as an actor, and I love to be a part of the storytelling. 

What do you think it is about the play that will make the audience want to come see it?

The audience will come to watch it because it is a very magical ride and it transports the audience to a world where so many things can happen. It is also filled with characters that the audience will be able to relate to. 

How did you prepare for the role?

We rehearsed a lot, lol. Then we did a rehearsal with a test audience before we did the actual show. They loved it. We also did a lot of warm-up exercises as the play takes a lot out of its cast both physically and vocally. 

Where and when will people be able to come see it?

The play started on April 15th….we have 3 shows left, April 28, 29 and 30. The play is at the Whitmore Theater in Hollywood. 

Fâtima Camacho is making a big splash in the world of entertainment. Follow her on IG  https://www.instagram.com/fatimacamachoo/

The Whitmore Theater

11006 Magnolia Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 


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