Billy Ray Cyrus Celebrates 11 Weeks at #1 with Stevie Wonder Shout-Out


Billy Ray Cyrus

‘Old Town Road’ is STILL #1

… I Gotta Shout Out Stevie Wonder!?!

6/20/2019 12:30 AM PDT


Billy Ray Cyrus took a break from basking in the glory of his collab with Lil Nas X to give one of his heroes a major shout out … Stevie Wonder!!!

We got Billy Ray at LAX and he couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear after Billboard announced this week Nas and Billy’s massive hit, “Old Town Road,” is topping the Hot 100 for the 11th straight week. 

But, check out the clip … our guy asks if Billy’s now gonna make the crossover to rap after Nas forged his way into country. Billy — who is in town to perform with Nas Sunday night at the BET Awards — gave us a safe answer, but he segued outta that convo … telling us what his daughter, Noah, got him for Father’s Day — a Stevie Wonder album.

Billy, who said the album’s the best Father’s Day present ever, couldn’t help but shower the legendary singer for being a massive influence in his career. Watch, just for a nanosecond Billy gives “Superstition” a shot.

Also, we think he tipped his hand on what he and Lil Nas X have planned for the BET Awards this weekend. 

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