Jason Giambi Not Worried About Vladimir Guerrero Jr. In Derby, ‘No Danger’


Jason Giambi

Vladdy Jr. In HR Derby?

He’ll Be Fine!!

6/26/2019 1:45 PM PDT


The home run derby has ZERO chance of screwing up Vladimir Guerrero Jr. … so says MLB legend Jason Giambi, who tells TMZ Sports the rookie phenom should do it with no worries!!!

“They’re a lot of fun,” Giambi says.

Of course, Vlad has reportedly agreed behind the scenes to take hacks in the MLB’s home run contest next month … but nothing’s been made official yet.

Some in the baseball world are hoping the 20-year-old will reconsider … because the derby has been known to lead to players’ slumps and even injury.

But, Giambi says he has NO fear of that for Vlad Guerrero‘s son … telling us out in NYC this weekend, “He’s a great player. He’s got an incredible dad. So, he’s learned a lot in the game.”

“He’s well beyond his years.”

As for Giambi, he tells us he loved doing the derby … and if you don’t remember some of the shows he used to put on in the batting cage, here’s a refresher …


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