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What is the most proud piece of work you’ve put out so far in your career?

Definitely “Fly Around”.  The album that took me seven years to finish, with the help of a literal all-star team.  I could not have made this art without the dream team (Don Bolles, Juliette Amoroso, Ariel Pink, Mom and Dad etc). 

What’s your favorite verse in a song? 

“When nighttime falls, and sleeplessness begins again, again, nothing’s there anyway” which is on FLY ABOUND.  Don Bolles wrote that particular lyric and it just speaks to me deeply because of the way it interacts with the instruments at that moment in the song.  It feels like going over a waterfall of emotion to me. Especially because I spent many sleepless nights in my addiction, and have finally learned how to live a clean life where I am able to sleep at night. 

Do your songs translate what’s going on in your life currently? 

Yes, or historically. I write about my own experiences. 

Give us one word to describe your music? 


Give us one to describe you as a band? 


What would fans be surprised to know about you all? 

That we spend much of our time laughing and making up words. 

What do you think they wouldn’t be so shocked to know? 

That we have all lost our marbles plenty of times, but the group is what helps us find them again. 

Worst advice not to follow for the band just starting out?

Ask yourself how you can help everyone around you sound better.  How can YOU influence those around you to sound better AND feel better.  How can you help your fellow human to move toward pleasure and away from pain?

Social Media: 

FB/IG/TikTok/Twitter/YT = watertowerband

OR 182water (my rapper alter-ego)

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