Interview with Mark Vogel


We are chatting with music producer Mark Vogel today, welcome! Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into music production. 

Are you a singer yourself? 

Yes!  I sang on TV as a teenager, and went to a university on a Voice Scholarship.  In Jesse and the Rippers on FULL HOUSE, I played in the band and sang as well.

We know you have worked on some huge projects and we can’t wait to hear about those, but what projects are you currently working on?

I’m producing several new artists this year.  I’m also doing 2 new musicals and a film.  The biggest project I start THIS WEEK, and literally can’t wait to announce, but I must.  I’m on a non disclosure until they publicly announce the project….but’s it’s a big one 🙂

Gives us all the behind the scenes of what it was like to work on Full House!

I have a lot of FULL HOUSE stories.  I was telling this one yesterday…

John (Stamos) and I were hanging out in the dressing room (his, not mine….his was MUCH nicer LOL).   We we’re talking about going into the studio with some of our original songs and we both wanted the same guitar player on the project, Tim Pierce.  Tim’s the best, but at the time, neither of us knew him.  He said how can we find him….and I was like, well, I think he’d take your call! HAHA.  To this day, Tim and I and great friends, and of course, so are John and I.  It’s really all about great friends and great people who love to make music. 

I could tell stories all day,  FULL HOUSE was awesome.

Now that the world is opening up a little more – do you have any fun travel plans for this year? 

Absolutely,  New York City,  here we come!  Hoping for a pre Christmas trip!

Where can we find you online and keep up with you? 

@markvogelmusic on Instagram

End of Interview

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