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 What changes are happening in your life these days when it comes to your career?

I am writing more songs than ever before and it’s been really fun writing with Brooke Tomlinson who is an incredible songwriter. She just gets me and it’s so important to find someone who understands you to write with.

What is the current state of your music?

I’m working on an Ep. I think I want my next release to be a few songs instead of just one single at a time. I also want it to be more of a singer songwriter vibe. I am still working out the details of production but I wouldn’t mind simplifying my songs a bit sort of more of a Shawn Mendes style or Ed Sheran.

How are you choosing to spend your time when not making music?

I karaoke dj a few nights a week for fun because I absolutely love karaoke and hearing the incredible singers in Hollywood inspire me so very much. I also love doing photography and have a studio at my home, the Hollywood pastel palace. It looks like a Barbie house. I just am always working but when you do what you love it doesn’t feel like work.

What do you take away from the music that inspires you?

This is going to sound so lame but if I know it’s a good song then the first time I hear it I get tears in my eyes and it’s a feeling I can’t explain. Then I listen to that same song on repeat usually the entire day. It’s all about the melody, the words, and the feeling in the song. I love pop music so very much it’s everything to me. It’s why I live!

What is the most important foundation to creating a fulfilling career in music?

Not worrying about the money and not getting jaded over not “making it” yet. It’s about creating songs that are true to you- performing songs I wrote is my therapy. I have performed at so many venues in Hollywood and did not get paid at all but it’s not about that to me. I performed with a broken foot and a cast the other night and wanted to cancel when it first happened but then I thought wait I’ll do this because this was my dream since I was 4 years old. Why would I back down over a set back? I would have died to be living here and performing here when I was a kid. I’m from a small town in Tennessee. I do all of this for my younger self who never believed in herself.

What about a fulfilling life? 

I think a fulfilling life is about constantly going out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself and not being afraid of setbacks. It’s about Loving others and hoping to help and inspire them in some way to live their purpose.

Leave us with a personal story that connects to your latest single? 

I think my latest single “can’t let you go” is all about who I was before. I think we’ve all been there where we date someone who says all the right things, love bombs you, makes you think they are in love with you but then out of nowhere breaks up with you or ghosts you for awhile just to come back and say they didn’t mean it. But then do it all again. It’s the worst and it makes it so hard to know who is real and who isn’t. I used to give way too many chances. I’m a hopeless romantic and really shouldn’t have watched grease so much as a kid lol. I thought I was safe in my last relationship but I was completely wrong so I think this song just really shows me to follow my gut and my intuition. You can’t love someone without loving you. 


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