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Are you making any rounds with testing out new music on the road? 
Edem: No plans for playing live just yet. We test out our music by recording it and working with the pieces for about 3 months. This is our “trial by fire.”

Brett: If you consider the internet as a “Super Highway”, then yes. We have such a huge backlog of material that we’re kept extremely busy just working from the studio.

Sandra: If you consider that we are inside working progress on music for a performance during the opening of my solo exhibition, which is also the first day of the opening of the summer days of the town, Krapina in Croatia, well maybe it will be something similar to that..

What stories do you want to tell in your upcoming music?

Edem: Ok so, we are working on a 7 part opus initiated by our wordsmith extraordinaire, and celebrated Croatian artist, Sandra Ban, who tasked us with this. It is earmarked to accompany a fine art performance she has planned in Croatia for the end of the year. She sent us categories to create music around, but we’ll have her tell you the story behind the idea. 

Brett: We just released one of our tracks from the 7 part opus which should be hitting online distributors by the time you read this. It’s a song called “Yes”, and will be available through all the download distribution channels.

Sandra: We live at the same time in the remnants of the remnants of the old material world and in the construction of a new age, a new earth and humanity. We are working on transforming the old into the new.

Are there any rules you set for yourself when you know you have to concentrate on making music?
Edem: In the immortal words of Roland Young, a major influencer in my life I studied under at Art Center in Pasadena (and incidentally the Art Director at A & M Records in Hollywood in the 70s and 80s), “No preconceptions”. Continue to create new sounds and vibes. Don’t be afraid to use alternative instrumentation. Keep an open mind. Serve the song and the music. Lead, don’t follow. Reinvent. Reshuffle the deck.

Brett: Being forced to concentrate equals work. We don’t hinder our musical creativity by constricting any rule. This is because in order to be completely creative we need to free our minds of everything that constrains us. One thing I’ve discovered which helps me is to create a library of ideas for whenever I get stuck. I keep mine on my cell phone.

Sandra: With me, everything happens spontaneously.

Do you ever feel like you need to label yourself as an artist?
Edem: No. I’ve happily learnt long ago that everyone will bring something to the music from their personal, unique, story. This is the beauty of art and music; everyone has their own set of receptors and perceptions. For instance, I may write a piece of music and, invariably, 3 different people will give me 3 different takes on how it affects them. So, in short, we leave labeling to others.

Brett: Not at all. Labels are a means of categorizing things. I’m not a label. Neither is our music.

Sandra: I agree with Brett.

Is letting the work talk for itself a rule of thumb for you?
Edem: Absolutely. It’s completely about that. Whether it be an art piece, or music composition, you create it, hone it, and then release it to the world. Like raising a child; you do your best, then walk them to the door and wish them love and luck on their journey.

Brett: If not, then what good is creating music if it doesn’t stand on its own. As musicians we create music in order to share it with listeners. Once we deliver the product to our audience it has to walk the walk and talk the talk all on its own.

Sandra: Every listener will hear what according to his experience is part of his consciousness.

What are the interactions with your fans like when you hear feedback from them about your music?

Edem: Everyone is so enthusiastic about our sound, we couldn’t be happier. But we also bounce ideas off of our “trusted ears”. Mitch Steele is an excellent musician, producer and fan of our sounds (the producer of our first release “Selah” ), we usually send him close-to-finished mixes for his feedback, which has been invaluable. We welcome feedback from fans. It would be great if there were more interactions. We welcome them!

Brett: We love to hear feedback. It doesn’t matter who it’s from. At the end of the day, if we’re not reaching people with our music, we have to change our tune, right? Feedback also needs to be qualified for what it is. Feedback. The world is glass half empty or glass half full. You need to decide which and understand that each snippet of feedback comes with a grain of salt. Glass half full I say.

Sandra: It is always interesting to everyone in its own way.

What is a golden rule in music that you will always uphold?
Edem: Be true to yourself. 

Brett: What comes out of those two speakers is how the world hears you. You can have a $1,000 guitar that sounds like [email protected] and not get nearly the result of a cheap $10 garage sale guitar. The speakers are your truth. Focus on the sound that comes out of those two speakers and you’ll be miles ahead.

Sandra: Only truth.

What’s it like moving forward after a song release? 
Edem: We’re always interested to see how people react to our latest for sure. Other than that, we’re on to the next piece!

Brett: Like Christmas. Every new song is like Christmas.

Sandra: 🙂 I agree again with Brett, maybe more like Easter 🙂

How do we keep up with all that you do?

Thanks for asking!

BANDCAMP: kindercrowdcontrol.bandcamp.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/KinderCrowdControl-178300222265468

Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music etc: kindercrowdcontrol (remember, that’s one word!)

edem elesh You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QcBy2GCTpc

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=KinderCrowdControl&i=popular&ref=nb_sb_noss

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

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