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Your music is really thoughtful. How long do you contemplate what the subject matter will be?

Thank you! It feels like a very natural process. Whatever is going on in my life is usually taking up the most space in my mind, so every song I’ve written comes out as a part of the contemplation. Music helps look at an experience or a belief and see what I truly feel or think about it.

Context is everything, do you make sure you are clear with your messaging? How do you do that? 

Yes, I love checking my ideas and seeing how clear my lyrics sound and feel by playing new songs for my best friend or my mom or dad. I trust their opinions and feel like they will each give me honest feedback.

What music has been worth the wait for as long as you’ve been working on it?

Everything that’s coming next J Everything is a process, and I love learning. So I feel like anything that takes a bit of time is worth the wait.

Will your fans be surprised with what you have coming up next?

I think so! The next single my producer and I are planning to release focuses on the topic of anxiety. The song sounds and feels like me, but it’s a little different in its overall vibe, so I’m looking forward to sharing it.

Who have you been in the mix with on your music? 

My producer, Quentin Thelen – he’s one of my favorite people to work with because he’s also my friend.

What are you daring yourself to do as you get further along in your music?

I’m looking forward to taking some risks with my visuals and music videos. I hope to push people’s idea or perception of me as an artist because I think that can be a really cool part of creating art: showing the world different sides of who I am.

What are you daring yourself to do as you get further in your career? 

I’d love to get into acting, whether it’s in commercials on tv or a small part in a tv show or movie! Acting has always felt fun!

How do you feel like your work is shaping your fans who are listening? 

I love the idea that my music is encouraging fans to think about love and their own beliefs around it. I’d love to hear how it is impacting you, so reach out to me over Instagram or comment on a Tiktok and let me know how my music is influencing you!

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