Ora Nadrich Releases ”Mindfulness & Mysticism”


“When we speak of the mystical as ‘invisible’ or ‘transcendent,’ we may not get an answer for either question, but I want to explore the connection of mysticism and creativity. As we delve further into that connection, we may discover along the way where inspiration comes from, which might take us closer to knowing more about how creativity gets ignited,” writes Ora Nadrich in her new book, Mindfulness & Mysticism: Connecting Present Moment Awareness with Higher States of Consciousness. While a distinctly spiritualist and theologically altruistic read, Mindfulness & Mysticism is well-written enough to be taken on a metaphorical basis, as much as one can take it on its own terms of certain, abstract literality.

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The book’s core messaging is about making space to truly see the environment around one’s self, and to engage with something deeper and more meaningful than just the typical ups and downs of everyday life. As Nadrich brilliantly demonstrates, the thematic content of Mindfulness & Mysticism can be applied to just about every dimension to one’s life, whether in pursuit of personal objectives and goals, or professional endeavors and accomplishments mandating focus and discipline. “Essentially, we must get out of our own way and not block ourselves from the creative process,” she writes. “We may call it ‘writer’s block’ when we are unable to create a piece of written work, but where do we think the block is coming from? Do not wait to get unblocked, or inspired, but avail yourself to the inspiration that can ignite you…a block is a self-imposed belief that you cannot receive something ‘holy’ or ‘divine.’ You most certainly can, and when you do, you will know because it will feel like a powerful burst of energy is suddenly moving through you, and awakening every cell of your being. Was It God? A Divine presence? You can decide.”

Part of what’s refreshing about Nadrich’s articulations and philosophy is how un-authoritarian it feels. Often spiritual beliefs and practices entail a certain amount of giving one’s self over to a greater cause, or titular entity. But as far as Nadrich is concerned, this doesn’t have to be the case. “The idea is to lighten our load a bit more on this life journey, which, as I said can feel burdensome and weighty, and for some people it can affect them to such a serious degree they feel that life is not enjoyable, but instead, miserable,” she writes. “…Remember what I said earlier: Mindfulness can be considered a type of superpower, and when practiced consistently and strengthened, I believe it can be the gateway to developing a supernatural power. It doesn’t mean it can guarantee that you can move an object across a table, but one does need to be fully present, and have a heightened sense of awareness to concentrate deeply, to perform a mental power like that if you believe it’s possible.

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I feel that Mindfulness is at the root of every supernatural power and psychic ability, be it clairvoyance, or mediumship, and enables us to alter our perceptions in present time, which means we can expand our limited perception of reality.”

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