John “SohoJohnny” Pasquale Debuts In “The Beast Inside”


John Pasquale (aka SohoJohnny) made his acting debut in a supporting role as Tom the motel manager in the new upcoming thriller “The Possession of Anne.”  The film set to release this Halloween stars Sadie Katz as Anne, Laurene Landon as Anne’s mother and Vernon Wells as X communicated Father Jeffrey. It was directed by Jim Towns, produced by “See You Next Tuesday Films”, with Executive Producers John Pasquale, Mario Reyes, Jimmy Star and Eileen Shapiro. The music was written and performed by veteran composer and film score architect, Randy Edelman.

The Possession of Anne follows a mom (Anne) in her quest to save her own life and young son from a family inherited demon. It’s a self-exorcism themed film with dark and powerful terror lurking about throughout the movie. Its undeniable horror is disguised as a more complex truth. There is horror within the demon but also within the characters flaws and traits as humans themselves.

Amidst all the fear and dismay is Tom, a transient motel manager, not very smart, not at all savvy and barely getting by in life itself. However, his character provides the movie with several outlets of comic relief…and as destiny would have it not even on purpose. Pasquale does an excellent job portraying the simpleness of his role. Congratulations to this first time actor for making himself known and certainly unforgettable, especially during the provocative scene with leading lady Sadie Katz. Those who saw him at the industry screenings in both LA and New York, and who knew him well say that perhaps there was a little less acting involved and a lot of authenticity.  Regardless, he’s ready for his academy award.

Between the superb acting of all the cast members, the prestige direction of Jim Towns  and the hallowing music by Randy Edelman, The Possession of Anne (Original Title “The Beast Inside”) promises to indulge the fans of exorcism, twisted thrillers, surprise endings, and much more…..

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