‘The View’ Co-Hosts Regret Comments Made About Kate Middleton After Cancer Diagnosis (VIDEO)


During the March 25 episode of The View, the co-hosts of the morning talk show expressed their deepest regrets following the latest news on Kate Middleton‘s cancer diagnosis, the announcement of which put the rumors and their own speculations to rest.

“I forgot something fundamental that we all know: Someone can be dealing with personal struggles we don’t know about,” said Alyssa Farrah Griffin. “We’re so quick to join the bandwagon and think it’s fun and forget these are actual human beings who are going through something.”

“I didn’t think there was something more serious going on,” she admitted. “And I feel awful over it.”

Sarah Haines opened up about her own friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. “That diagnosis is heart wrenching. I was sitting with my best friend who had breast cancer in her 30s, has two daughters. So to watch her relive her own moment, it was tragic,” said Haines.

She went on to criticize, however, the matter of the altered photos released by the Palace, alluding to their questionable treatment of women, bringing up Meghan Markle as well as Princess Diana.

Many of the hosts attributed their apologies to Whoopi Goldberg, who gave the advice, as said by Ana Navarro, to “mind my own damn business.” She has now taken the situation to be a learning lesson on granting others privacy. “I am going to shut my mouth about this and just wish her well, pray for her, and hope that she and her family get through this process,” said Navarro.

Sunny Hostin kept things light, jokingly blaming her co-hosts for leading her “down the rabbit hole.”

Only Goldberg refrained from giving into the conspiracy theories, having repeatedly advised her co-hosts to stop talking about matters of personal privacy. “What we say here doesn’t stay here,” said Goldberg, urging the group to take accountability for their words. “I don’t want people to misunderstand you all,” Goldberg went on. “I always hope that I can make us better.”

Goldberg refused to say “I told you so” and instead closed the segment with her thoughts on the matter of children and personal accountability. “Once you’ve had this experience, it can scare you. Because once those things begin to happen, everyone jumps on board and there’s no way to stop it.”

As for whether or not her co-hosts will actually heed her advice in the future, Goldberg “wouldn’t bet money on it.” Watch the segment above.

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