Maura Tierney on Pulling the Trigger in ‘Broken Justice’ Finale (VIDEO)


[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for American Rust: Broken Justice, Season 2, Episode 10, “Confessions.”]

American Rust: Broken Justice ended with a bang as the follow-up to 2021’s American Rust delivered an intense cliffhanger sure to leave viewers itching for a third season.

But before the show left viewers uncertain about Del Harris (Jeff Daniels) and Grace Poe’s (Maura Tierney) fates, they were calling the shots in the English house which had been infiltrated by fixer and assassin, Russell Wolfe (Christopher Denham). Realizing that Russell could be targeting Lee (Julia Mayorga) for her meddling in Landwill Energy’s operations, a desperate Del calls on former partner Steve Park (Rob Yang), who is eager to learn the truth about Del’s Season 1 crime spree in West Virginia.

Agreeing to go to the English house, Steve does so with the intention of recording a confession. When Russell is shot down after killing Lee, Steve pushes Del to confess to his involvement in last season’s crime, but as the words begin tumbling out of his mouth, Steve is shot dead. It was Grace who had an instinct that Del was in trouble.

Maura Tierney in 'American Rust' Season 2

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The only catch? Steve’s current partner was shot and witnessed the confession and murder of her colleague but managed to survive unbeknownst to Del and Grace. Adding to the cliffhanger suspense? Del, Grace, her son Billy (Alex Nuestaedter) and Issac (David Alvarez) find themselves in the crosshairs of Fisher (Kyle Beltran) who managed to escape Pittsburg P.D.’s crackdown on crooked cops.

Seeking to take Del out, Billy notices the red light from the gun and goes out to handle the threat, but as a shot rings out, who was faster to pull the trigger? Fans will have to wait and see if the show will return for more. As for Grace’s actions, Tierney tells TV Insider, “She feels like she has to do it… She owes him. I mean, he did that for her in Season 1,” Tierney says, referencing the West Virginia crime spree executed to help free her son from prison.

“A lot of the reason why he hasn’t been telling her the truth is because he’s in trouble,” Tierney continues. “So I do think she in that moment wants to save him, and that’s the only effective way. And Grace is not a sentimental person. She just wants to fix the problem.”

Of course, fixing the problem raises a new set of unforeseen problems. Still, Tierney points out, “Steve is also a threat to her… At the very moment he’s an immediate threat to Del. Steve has also been dogging her all season. I also loved all my scenes with Rob, who’s hilarious that his character’s such a weirdo.”

“We had a really good time,” she reveals despite the killing. “So again, it’s not only in Del’s interest that she does that, he keeps trying to accuse her of shooting all these people that she didn’t shoot. So he’s a pain in her ass too.”

As for the cliffhanger conclusion, you’ll have to tune into the video interview above, to see what Tierney has to say about the potential return of American Rust, and let us know what you thought of the ending in the comments section, below.

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