Amanda Kloots Recalls Financial Toll of Late Husband Nick Cordero’s Hospital Bills

Amanda Kloots Recalls Financial Toll of Late Husband Nick Cordero’s Hospital Bills
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Amanda Kloots is getting candid about the financial ramifications of her late husband Nick Cordero’s lengthy hospitalization for COVID-19 back in 2020.

Kloots recently sat down for a conversation on SoFi’s Richer Lives podcast, and opened up about the “financial magnitude” of Cordero’s extensive medical treatments.

“Nick was in the hospital for 95 days, his whole body was being run by machines,” Kloots recalled of the traumatic time. “The ventilator alone was — and I think I might be under-quoting it — $3,000 a day. Just the ventilator alone, on top of the 20 other machines that were running his body.”

“When I heard that, I immediately was like, ‘What am I going to do?” Kloots added. “So you can imagine what the total bill was.”

Cordero died in July 2020 due to complications from the coronavirus. The Broadway star, who married Kloots in 2017 before they welcomed their son, Elvis, in 2019, was 41 years old.

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero with their infant son Elvis at an event in New York City in August 2019.Noam Galai/Getty Images for Beyond Yoga

“I never thought I was going to lose my husband. Until the day he passed away, I really thought he was going to make it,” she recalled. “So I don’t think the financial magnitude really, really hit me until he passed away, and calls were coming in — unfortunately death is a business.”

According to Kloots, “My medical bill for Nick came almost a year and a half later. I got a huge medical bill.”

And it left her reeling to figure out how to cover the costs of the procedures. As Kloots explained, she and her late husband never really sat down and figured out the specifics of what they would do if anything happened to either of them.

“Because you think you’re invincible. You’re in your 40s. You’re like, ‘Nothing’s gonna happen to us. We’re fine. We’ve got time,'” she said. “We had just bought our first home… We were just starting our lives.”

Back in April 2023, ET spoke with Kloots about her connection to her late husband and she explained how she feels she’s received messages from him in her dreams in the years after his death.

“I’ve only had three dreams of Nick since he passed, but they’ve been the most beautiful, wonderful, heartwarming dreams that, when I wake up, I feel like they really happened,” she said at the time. 

Every time, Kloots has gotten a message. “He always tells me in the dream that he’s right beside me all the time,” Kloots shared.



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