Meet the Surprising New Bridgerton Star!

Meet the Surprising New Bridgerton Star!
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That was a surprise.

To close out Bridgerton Season 3, producers changed things up a bit from the Julia Quinn novel series on which this beloved drama is based.

Toward the very end of the finale, Francesca’s new husband, John Stirling, introduces his cousin, Michaela Stirling. Yes, Michaela Stirling.

Meet the Surprising New Bridgerton Star!Meet the Surprising New Bridgerton Star!
Masali Baduza has made quite the impression on Bridgerton. (Netflix)

This is a departure from the aforementioned books because the character Quinn writes about is a male named Michael.

“I caution you. Every sordid detail John has spoken about me is a lie,” Michaela says playfully on the episode. “The truth is far worse.”

In the story as Quinn tells it, Michael becomes best friends with Francesca… even though he has harbored a crush on her since she joined the family.

Looking ahead — BRIDGERTON SPOILERS ALERT! — John dies in his sleep two years into his marriage with Francesca and, after suffering a pregnancy loss, Francesca begins thinking four years later about getting married again.

Eventually, she and Michael exchange vows and welcome two children, John and Janet.

A scene from the Bridgerton Season 3 finale. (Liam Daniel/Netflix)

That was a lot of information we just threw at you, we know, and we have no idea how this tweak to the character will impact the show’s storytelling.

“Francesca’s book, for those who are familiar, it takes place over a longer amount of years and it has more twists and turns,” showrunner Jess Brownell previously told Decider.

“We wanted to start that story earlier so that we could play out more chapters of her book.”

Viewers will need to wait and see where this all goes, of course.

But they can meet the young woman cast to play Michaela right here and now…

The Queen on BridgertonThe Queen on Bridgerton
The Queen on Bridgerton. We love her portrayal! (Netflix)

Masali Baduza was rumored to have been cast on Bridgerton over a year ago, based on Reddit users who perused her social media followers and posts.

It was unclear for what role, however, although we now know she has taken on Michaela Stirling.

Baduza is a South African actress who is likely best known for having played Sephy Hadley on the BBC drama Noughts + Crosses. She was named a rising star and one to watch by the Royal Television Society after it aired.

Baduza also graduated from from the New York Film Academy in 2016; and she portrayed Fumbe in the critically acclaimed film The Woman King in 2022.

Not a lot else is known about Masali Baduza. The only other role in her filmography is “Young Trish Deveraux ” in something called Slumber Party Massacre.

Now, however? Having landed a critical part on Bridgerton, which has already been renewed for Season 4?

Expect to hear a lot more from and about Masali Baduza moving forward!

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